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Barrel Organs For Rent


If you do not own your own barrel organ, but would like to try one out for a day or a weekend (for example for birthday parties, weddings, or other family celebrations), you can rent one from us.

Please note the following conditions, which apply to all organ-rentals:

Item on loan:
Barrel organ type R20/31, includes hand-wagon or stand and 10 music rolls (approx. 90 min of music)

Weekday collections:
Rental up to 24hrs
EUR 70,00

Weekend collections:
EUR 95,00

All prices are including VAT. Late returns will incur additional late fees.

Collection in person only, verification of ID, cash-payment upon collection

The organ and its accessories are not insured while on loan. The borrower will be held liable for any damages that may occur during the rental.


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